The forecast for this New Year’s eve is not the best. I’m off again to this place filled with people I do love: but with whom it is hard to identify myself. Harder by the day. The conversation topics are not relevant to my interestes and I can barely put up with them anymore. This is a strong indicator of a boring eve on a corner with the rest of “the kids”. But I’m not the kind of person to just accept my fate, doing nothing to change it. Oh no.

There’s always a solution for this kind of situation, as long as there’s at least some else in the same age range as I am. I take that as -10 or +10 years. This is my planned saviour (warning: not Jesus):

GAMES! This kind of game is always right for people who are, at least, under 30 (some people over 30 do play them wonderfully as well, which is a good thing, if you ask me). The odds of having the other “kids” to enjoy this are big, and thus I am confident on this game’s powers. I’m counting with fun fun fun now.