Tumblr’s like an other dimension to the internet world, however, it brought me to a new experience today.

Better saying, it reminded me of a world I wish I could dive into. Well, fancy-wording aside, I just found some info on how to create a font with my own handwriting.

Ain’t that great? I’ve been passively looking for that (and with passively I mean I haven’t been looking at all). I’ve heard there were no free tools for this porpuse. But maybe the whole paying thing is a thing of the past, because this one is free!

Free and fun, I had to give it a try. The process is actually pretty simple. You go to the website My Script Font and you download their template (alternatively). Then all you have to do is fill it, either manually or digitally and send it back to the site and voilá! a new True Type font for you to use!

But this tool seems to have been made for english keyboards, which you can see by looking at the character sheet: there’s no room for many latin characters I need, like the tilde’d ones. I eventually realised I would be needing some font editing software if I wanted to get those characters. Maybe then I’d have all the relevant characters I need (but let’s keep it real – no way I’ll be drawing the entire character map! I’d hurt my whrist again.

I tried High-Logic‘s Font Creator. But, the monent I wanted to save the changes, I was prompted to get a license. Well, considering I was just experimenting and I don’t think I’ll be using the software often, paying for it seemed a bad idea. Onto the Open Source world it is! I eventually found a stable release of FontForge.

Now, the user interface seems like it just came out of win95 environment, but all of the necessary functions are there. Despite the style, the tools are rather acessible and their use is pretty intuitive. And I don’t have to pay for it and it can save my scribbles into the filetypes I want! What a great new toy I’ve just found. As you can see, I’m not unhappy with this tool. Maybe I’ll even be using it more, who knows?

The scribbles, however, had to be iterated until I managed to get some acceptable results. Apparently, I’m not good at keeping the characters on the same size, even with guidelines. Amazing! I must have done and redone that character map some 10 times until I got some results I wouldn’t be too embarassed to show:

To make this post look like it has a conclusion, for those of you who are ok with experimenting new things and feel like Word doesn’t give you many things to play with, get your hands on these two free tools. Your time won’t be wasted and you’ll be able to make all the personalized fonts you want. Try them, you’ll have some fun.