Apparently, someone found this blog while looking for “how to draw sweet potatos”. Well, I do not like to get unpleased visits, if you came here looking to learn how to draw some damn sweet potatos, you can be sure you’ll leave the blog knowing how to draw your sweet potatos!

I decided to get some info on these sweet potatos and it turns out they look like this:

(Image from: Bon Appetit)

Will ya look at those? You’re surely feeling the itch to draw them, don’t you? Well, let’s get to the point: I’ll be giving you a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw your sweet potato!

How to draw a sweet potato

Step One:

Draw some oval shaped liney. Potatos follow no rules, they grow the way they want, whatever makes them happy; sweet potatos, particularly, like to grow long and enjoy having at least one pointy side.


This is the easy part.

Step Two:

Sweet potatos love redish brown hues. I picked a few colors until I was happy – you sure can tell how sweet that potato is just by checking its base color! Feel the attitude.


Ok, I know this sounds silly and looking like it’s getting nowhere, but bear with me.

Step Three:

Get some shading on that potato.


Looking good!

Step Four:

Smudge the colors a whole lot and add some random details. I mean, seriously, add them totally at random, that’s what I did and it actually looks good. Didn’t even bother to look at the reference material, it just felt right.


Note bene: All food looks better with details and texture.

Step Five:

Add even more silly details until the thing starts to feel 3D-ish and less boring. Add some other colors here and there and blend them in the mix: you want some color variation, man. A one-colored potato is plain and boring. You want attitude!


Last Step!:

Never forget: apparently, sweet potatos always have a tiny bit of hair. It’s an important detail, if you miss it, your sweet potato may be taken by a simple potato and we don’t want that. Add a few more lines to make the potato look like it has war scars. Nobody will notice them, but do it anyway! And there you have it, here’s the sweet potato you’ve always dreamed of!


Thank you for your time, come again.