These things are full of major works of art.

All my characters were there, here’s Eczuri being himself and unhappy with his life. Oh my arts were top notch, awww yiiis~
2013-04-10 11.28.47

Back then I probably drew my characters every other day, considering my sketchbooks have nothing but them and they’re covering just a span of months. But there are some actually good concepts here, I mean, I could totaly redraw some of these:
2013-04-10 11.29.08

Then there are some characters I kinda remember having a role in the stories, but whose names I can’t remember. If they ever had names, that is.
2013-04-10 11.29.58

Everybody was so happy and I drew so well, dayumm, check those stiff limbs and the way Mikhail’s shorter than Angela (I think that’s Angela, maybe she’s not, everybody had the same facial features).
2013-04-10 11.27.54

And now, a couple of dudes I don’t really remember.
These dudes