I haven’t written anything of importance here lately, but fear not, it’s not like I stopped having special snowflake thoughts or anything of the likes. It’s not like I’m even busy, I just forget to write about the current stuffs.

There are some things happening though, or have happened recently:

  • I went to a lame-o animu meet and, although I was surrounded by cool peeps, it was pretty crappy. I’m hating anime meets more and more because people always have such peculiar, terrible behaviours that make me cringe. I could write an essay on that, and maybe one day I will. I should show you, though, the pics I drew while with my drawing buddies (I have drawing buddies around now, it’s really cool!)
  • I have been reading the Foundations series for a while now and it keeps on giving me the feels. Really, it’s such an awesome story, all I can dream about are spaceships and mentalics. Also, robots!
  • I participated briefly in a short-film my friends have been working on. My part is really small and all I had to do was stroke my hair a bit, but it was really cool and made me think that we do have the capacity to make cool things – why aren’t we doing them then? I dunnos, tho, if the short film will ever be made public :(
  • I discovered a sewing machine at my place and after some terrible attempts at making it work, I finally learned how that’s done and managed to successfully craft a hat! It’s terrible, but it was my first hat ever and if you keep that in mind, it’s… actually pretty good? I liked the sewing thing so much I wanna do it again and again until back pain makes me stop (or I run out of materials, ofc).
  • Finally, I’ve had my last presentation and thus I’m only one exam away of being done with classes! Then I’ll only have the thesis to do, which, if you think about it, it’s actually a lot of stuff to do. And if you’re of the procrastinating kind like I am, you’ll understand why I am taking long.