Last night was movie night, with all the excitement of watching the various short-films the students made. I even got to watch the one made by my friends, in which I starred wonderfully! :D About twenty short-films were shown, but since we arrived a little late, we didn’t get to see them all. But it was still fun! Some of the movies were very professional while others were so low-budget they didn’t even bother to try and hide – why use money when we can use Monopoly money, right?

Also, as Ricardo Jorge mentioned on his blog, our friends made a horror themed short-film, in which we took small parts! You can see it full below:

I’m sorry, but it’s Portuguese only because well… We’re Portuguese.

Moving on! Movie night took really long, meaning I only left college pretty close to midnight and thus got home pretty late. This morning, as I was going to wake up at the usual time, I felt so heavy I thought “fuck the ride, I’m going to sleep for ten more days, thanks”. But then I barely slept for another hour, meaning I missed my ride and barely got to sleep what I needed. Heh.

So I decided to just spend the morning at home, and that kind of implies cooking. Since only my sister and I were at home, I baked us a quiche! I had made quiches before, but I still have tons of room for improvement and this time I decided to try some different things here and there. The result was delicious! I think I’m getting closer to the perfect quiche.


This time, I mixed some yogurt with the eggs, something I had never tried before, but I was really curious about. I really liked the result, but it got me thinking that maybe more yogurt next time wouldn’t be all that bad. Also, quiches are fun for me to use all the remains of other stuffs I might have around the kitchen and just cook them all together. Yumm!