There I go after leaving work, minding my own business and heading to the bike park to gt my bike so I can do home and where’s my bike? Nowhere to be seen, that’s wheremy bike is. Only evidence left: the broken cable left on the crime scene.

And this is what the cable looked like. I have no idea how it was broken, all I know is that I had two cables and now I have none.

Missing bike made me so angry I swore my ass of, I mean, my bike is one of my most priced possessions and one of my prefered means of transportation.

I had been speaking to a friend of mine minutes previous to trying to fetch my bike, so I immediately headad back to him to inform him about the pissy events. We had just been talking about some crazy events that were going on the neighbourhood that afternoon, things had gone so bad police was involved and whatnot. We headed straight to the college security guards, which promptly pointed to said neighbourhood and said “look for your bike there, because that’s where it is”. So yeah, here I go checking the police with the broken cable in my hand.

I asked the officers if they knew anything about my bike and one of them told me he’d contact his buddies to know if there was some bike-related issue going on and asked me to wait there for a few minutes. There were many people on the site and things were messy. One of the dudes on the scene actually told me “oh your bike will show up”. I later learned that this was the same dude who had just stolen my bike, go figure! Not long after, one of the officers was trying to knock some sense into his head by asking “how come you beat your old man for five euros?”. Then I realised what was going on. Said old man, the dude’s father and a very senior citizen, had just bursted off the window in panic (or had he been thrown out of the window? Hard to tell). So that’s what my friend was talking about before I went for bike fetching when he said things were pretty rough there. This guy was just beating his dad out of the window, creepy. Suddenly the cops were asking me if I could describe my bike and that was a pretty simple task – with a black and pink seat and hand-crafter stars glued to it, I couldn’t have had an easier description at hands. And then they brought me the bike!! Where from? Well, precisely from the dude’s house, wow. That’s exactly where all the mess was coming from.

My bike’s normal looks, you can’t really notice the handcutted, glowing in the dark stars, but it’s hard not to notice the pink and black seat.

So yeah, I didn’t ge the whole picture of what was going on, but it seems the dude got into college and snatched the bike pretty quickly – so quick the college’s guards couldn’t be there on time – and then brought it home; and his home happens to be perfectly visible from college, which allowed the guards to see him coming back and call the police. By the time he got home, his old man probably didn’t like the fact he had a stolen vehicle on his house and complained, which the thief probably didn’t like and thus old man were being thrown out of windows in a very weird show of domestic violence. What a mess.

I had my bike returned on the spot, considering my extreme ease with the description – I still had to hear the thief mourn the loss of the thirty euros he was planning to make selling my bike, but I mean, come on, my bike is not that old, I’m pretty sure she’s still worth at least seventy – and the next day I still had to go to the police office to sign some papers and whatnot. I am now waiting to be contacted again as the investigation goes on, let’s see how that goes. On the meanwhile, I have my bike back and already bought new, better cables!

I can’t stop thinking about how extremely lucky I was about this and how fast things got solved for me. Still, that was nerve-wrecking, I had never been robbed before. But I gotta say I am really surprised at how calm I was during the whole thing, my nerves only acted up later.