Today was a good day!! I’ve been on an adventure!

And by adventure I mean I have travelled by train to another part of the country. The destination: Braga.

My evil work colleague, who I’ll be addressing as VN here, has been having some contact difficulties concerning her Postgraduate registration and thus she kina had to travel there and talk to the people involved in person. This, of course, sounded like a good plan for me to tag along and get to know the place and the processes, since that knowledge is probably gonna come in handy.

I could say we got up extra soon but we didn’t. We got the train around 10:00 and the trip would last for around 1h15, which is actually not that much considering that I used to travel 1h00 everyday before I moved. But this time we’re travelling by train, so that changes everything.

S.Bento is a lovely station and always crammed full:



VN got us a map of the campus so we wouldn’t get that lost when we got there.


I always enjoy the view when the train leaves the city. Gotta love all the bridges, they make up for wonderful scenery.


Portugal is a lovely place and its villages have the weirdest of names.


By the time we reached Braga, there was an Alpha train in the station! I really love these trains so I couldn’t resist to take a picture. It’s very blurry because we were kinda in a rush to catch the bus.


VN had prepared the trip’s course beforehand, so we knew which bus we had to catch. It came over shortly after we arrived, which was awesome!


Despite being already noon and our stomachs claiming for food stuffs, we wanted to get a view of the Minho University pole first, so we went for a quick lookaround. We had brought VN’s little map, but there was a much larger one by the campus’ entrance:





We obviously headed to the Computer Science department very fast. Its magnetic powers were draining us, it’s not like we ever stood a chance.


I managed to make it look good on a photo, heh.

We had to get our stomachs filled with food stuffs, so we went to the one place which we know that delivers:


I’m not even sorry.

Afterwards and because we still had some time in our hands before the Academic Services started serving, we decided to look around for deserts and found this very cute place named “Maria Bolacha”, which kinda translates to “Marie Cookie” or “Cookie Marie”.





And we had cookie cake! Of course.

Shortly after, the Academic Services were open, but they couldn’t quite do what VN had come all the way up to Braga to do and forwarded us back to the Computer Science department. So we got to explore it a little further.



After being forward again to direct contact with a professor and VN getting the info she wanted, we started heading back. So time to say goodbye to the campus and go home.





Back into the train!


About one hour later, we were in S.Bento again. Aaah, the smoky, polluted air of Porto. Adorable.



Shortly after leaving the city so each of us could go to their respective villages, we had more sweets! Because sweets are awesome. Hmmm crepe!