I spent last weekend in the city because I had tons of works to complete and I work better there than in my little village. But no matter how cool the city may be and even though I was totally fine in the missing people department, there was still a problem:

I had not brought my bike.

Two weeks without my bike, man, I don’t even know if I have ever spent so much time without riding my bike since I bought it. Everynight I’d dream about the moment I’d finally ride my bike again. This weekend I could not miss the chance: I had to ride it A LOT.

(Here I am being oh so extremely proud of the 14km I did today while I go check my colleagues’ statuses and they have like, 100++km in a single day, I should seriously reconsider my existence)

Well, ridding bikes is really fun but another thing that’s also pretty fun is taking pictures. Since my village is pretty pretty, photography was mandatory. I really like how the beach looks in this time of the year, since it’s pretty much untouched and the sea is rather rough. Nonetheless, I saw two men swimming yesterday, they’re my heros now. But today I had the beach all to myself.

So now I’ll be sharing terribad quality cellphone pictures I took during my bike rides and occasional strolls.

Here’s a rather flattering picture of me:


The beach was awesome. The sea was rough and barely any footprints on the sand. Good photo material if I had good photo materials.

IMG_2259 IMG_2252
IMG_2272 IMG_2273
IMG_2274 IMG_2271

Kinda played around with the camera app’s settings and some of the pictures came out very darks.

In the afternoon, I went for a second bike ride, but this time to a more rural area. This area actually has the charm of still being pretty close to the sea, so there’s a lot of green an blue and I love that combo.

IMG_2265 IMG_2263

I couldn’t resist and took over nine thousand pictures of my new blue boots, they’re the epithome of the swag.

IMG_2258 IMG_2260

I can’t even begin to describe these boots.

And here’s some more funny photos I took:

IMG_2266 IMG_2268
IMG_2269 IMG_2270

I gotta admit I have no idea how some of these photos came to be, but enjoy.