There are good things and bad thing about having moved into the Big City, especially when it comes to cooking my own food. Cooking is obviously required since I do not plan to waste my entire paycheck in restaurants.

Cooking is good because I like cooking and, since I’m alone around here, I can cook whatever I want, anytime I want and how I want. This would be very hard to do at my place back in the village. However, cooking my own meals is also a bad thing because sometimes one is just feeling too many lazies to move – how exactly does a person cook like that? Sometimes I’m all for “mom, please, make me some food!”. I also realized that I’m thinking “what should I cook for dinner tonight?” very shortly after lunch.

I have preferences when it comes to what to cook and I look for something that’s simultaneously easy to do while generating food that will be good for many meals. This is handy if I happen to feel very lazy in the following days, because I’ll be having spare food in the fridge! One of the recipes that addresses these two points fabulously is the mighty Spinach Lasagna.

Before I moved to the Big City I had only cooked spinach lasagna once. It was nice, but I never managed to it again; either because my family members didn’t like lasagnas or because they didn’t like spinaches. Well, ever since my moving I have already cooked this wonderful meal twice! I am getting better, I think I’ll perfect the recipe one of these days…


Now I have enough spinach lasagna for some more 5 or 6 meals, which is great, considering how easy it is to make! In the meanwhile, however, I need to start looking at other dishes which are also simple to do but make up for huge meals which will last many days. But on the other hand, maybe I should start looking for something other than lasagnas and pastas and noodles because there’s surely more to life than that and I should totally get creative.