I had two bits of corn bread laying around the kitchen for a while and decided that since I’m already into eating everything before the approaching expiracy dates arrive, I decided to make a quesadilla out of them. Fortunantely I only had two, because eating more than one would be kind of impossible, heh.

I don’t follow any recipe, the only thing I know about quesadillas is that they must have the queso, so I went for that.

I put the first slice of corn bread on the frying pan heating up. I added a thin basis of cheese and some bacon.


And then I added some avocado because I love avocados and avocados don’t really last very long after they’re oppened so I had some to spare. Also I can’t think how this meal could come to be without any sign of salsa sauce, so I added a little bit of that. I like colorfull food, what can I say?


And then another layer of cheese because I want to make sure the two layers stick to each other.


Then it’s only a matter of wainting for the cheese to melt, flip the quesadilla and wait a little bit more and voilá, it’s good to go!


All I needed to do further was to slice the quesadila and eat the tiny bits. It is especially awesome if eaten while it’s warm. Much yum!