It’s been a while since I last updated around here and I’m a blogger and therefore I should blog.

At least more often.

Well, many things have happened in the past two months. For once, my younger sister, who’s living in the City with me, has gone on a college break for almost an entire month, leaving me to live by myself during most of that part (occasional visits were paid).

I thought I was going to feel really lonely and I did for about… one day. After the initial shock, I began to enjoy my soliptude. My sleep schedule improved greatly: I’d go to bed at the time I started to feel either tired or too bored and wake up early to go to the gym without actually losing any necessary sleep hours (these are very important and sacred to me, sleep much important). I also started cooking pretty much whatever I wanted and taking care of my things on my own terms and pace. It was very peacefull. Sometimes I’d feel a little lonely, yes, but that feeling was gone by the end of the first week.

During this month I also bought a second bike to have with me in the City! So exciting! So, this is probably second- or third-hand bike, but it was rather cheap and in good condition (just required some minor fixing in the brakes).


I called it Biclins. It may not be as lightweight or pretty or slim as my older bike, but it’s a faithful companion and does take me to work every day!

There is only one downside to this. If there’s possible a downside to bikes. It’s been raining. Everyday. ALWAYS. And I do not have the proper clothing for riding in the rains.

It’s constantly raining and because I want to bike really hard and I also can’t manage to ride a bike while holding an umbrella, I’ve been reaching college everyday pretty damp. Obviously getting a mudguard was a task of most importance, especially after a week of drying my pants and panties with the blow drier in the gym (it was not a sexy sight, trust me).


But in all seriousness, it’s been raining for so long I think that lake is now permanent. Also some sentient life might be developing on it.

Because of such awesome weather and tho I ride my bike to work everyday, I still haven’t rode the entire city around just for the sake of it. That’ll have to wait for better days and when I’m not feeling too miserable due to riding in the rain for too long. So yeah, that’s a task for some other weather.

My sister is back again to living with me, which is both a good and a bad thing. Let’s just say I got pretty used to my good sleeps and the whole being free to do whatever I pleased.

But it’s still nice to have sister back.

So, for short, my month has been dealing with living on my own for the biggest part and enjoying the indepence that follows and many bikeing in the rain. Much good!