So my sister and I have been considering moving to another apartment where we’ll each have a private room and hopefully more space. This got me thinking that maybe it would be better to start moving somethings out of the current apartment and to my mom’s place, such that when the time to move comes, we’ll have less stuff to carry.

So this week I decided to bring home my books. I’ve bought a few new ones and been trying to organize them in my shelves… Boy, I do have a lot of new books!

My “sciency” shelve… I wanted to keep it with science books only, but since I had more books than space available, I placed my Arthur C. Clark’s here. I have the entire Space Odyssey saga now and Rendevouz with Rama. I still didn’t got the change to get my hands on the sequel, tho I’ve heard it’s not as fantastic. The other books, well, I have introduced those before, no need to be talking about them again. Ah and the black one in the hand, that’s an 2013 Star Wars themed agenda I gave my father two Xmases ago. It’s on my shelf, so go figure.

more sciencey

The other shelf I wanted for romances! I do have a few Assassin’s Creed books, but I stopped buying them because the story was no longer enticing. In the meanwhile, I have read Dune and Dune Messiah, of which I approve of very much. There are also two books Eloisa lent me, Kafka’s Metamorphosis and a book about PORTUGUESE COPS! There is also another book which she suggested to me and I have absolutely loved!

There’s also a book about murder mystery which I didn’t really fancy and no longer remember why I bought, and two Poppers which I fully intend to read but have been postponing every time some more sci-fi gets into my hands.


White Wolf was lent to me by a friend and I never get to see him anymore so I don’t know when this book will go to its proper place. There’s “Viagem to Tralalá” which I bought because I’ve heard such good things about it on Dois Dedos de Conversa‘s blog.

And now to the biggest change in the piles!
It’s a new pile!

It’s the Asimov pile!

the asimov pile

Ever since I got my hands on an antology I have loved Asimov’s stories. Then I moved to the Foundation series and then I couldn’t help myself and got the Robot series and other Robot stories (best robot books ever???). I can’t help myself because now I really really reaaally need to get my hands on the Empire series. These books will be the death of me for sure.