I’m sorry.

I have august off and decided not to spend my money on rent and returned home. It’s not like that’s going to last for long because not only I have a schedule for almost everything but I also have to share the bedroom… I’ve grown to hate that even more after this last year’s experience. So here I am looking for a place to rent again, I am not staying in the village for long. I would consider staying in the village if I had a room just for myself, but under the current circunstances… Nopesie nope.

Vacation’s have been fine. I’ve been visiting friends, attending concerts, gardening, beaching and bicycling. Yay! Actually not bad. There’s still more to come and next week I’ll be doing some travelling.

And after that, more bikes!

Today I started to build a greenhouse and soon tomatoes will grow there! Yesterday I made a cake with grapes and I’ll try to make another tomorrow, so I can share it over a Scrabble game.

I haven’t been taking many pictures lately. But here are some: