It would probably be for the best to just find one single outlet for my things instead of spreading them across several platforms and eventually forgettin about half of them. Lame.

Guys, get your bike and ride it to work. My life has improved so much since I started doing that. Everyday I see great landscapes and it gives me a lot of time to think. I usually just think about music.

Last week I bought a music CD because I still believe in buying material things. It also comes with the official lyrics and I sure enjoy some good poetry. I read some out loud to my older sister but I don’t think she shares my interest. Her loss, I guess?

I’ve been watching a fuckton of StarWars, especially The Clone Wars. It’s a very nicely animated series and it definitely puts the wars in Star Wars. Also it has a lot of clones. I have a thing for clones and computers. And then it reminded me that drawing is actually a hobby I have and thus some fanart was born:



Somebody commented these with “Commander SexyFine” a few days ago and I’m still laughing.

Life’s great and I’m doing well. I could go on and tell you about my job, but where’s the fun in that? I’ve covered all that matters over the last two weeks.