Yesterday, the northen wind was being very stormy and all and, since I had to go get some torture done on me (read: I’ve been to the dentist), I decided to go home through the shortest path, which is to cycle by the beach.

Pros: the northen wind was hitting me from behind, thus pulling me faster.
Cons: the wind was pulling me TOO STRONGLY TOO FAST OH NO.

The sunset was red, but the wind was so strong it was almost impossible for me to stop and take pictures without getting slapped in the face.

Not pictured: the constant whistle of the wind and the hiss of the dunes. It was Sahara documentaries level of hiss.

The wind caught up lots of sand which eventually found a way to my hair. So by the end of te ride not only did I look like a witch (aha, you try and keep your swag with that wind) but I also had my head full of sand. The wind was very chilly but the sun and the skies were red and the dunes hissed me many many secrets. I flew.