Hello and welcome to Doce! :D

Doce started a long time ago, while I was still in High School just for fun, then it became and online manga about the Academic Praxis in Portugal and I can’t be really sure about what it will become next…

Back in my manga days, I would ask you to read the comic from right to left, but I can’t even ask you so anymore, since the comic has changed it format – it is now a vertical comic; with a much more simplistic style. Anyhow, I love both styles so much I can’t really tell which one I like the most! Both of them have been wonderful experiences. Oh well, a project like this is meant to change with the course of time, something only a platform like the web would allow me to do.

All this site’s content is written both in Portuguese (European Portuguese, to be more precise) and English. There’s a translator on the right sidebar, in case you’re more comfortable with reading this in another language.

So, here’s a list of the Chapters I’ve divided the comic in:
In the manga format:

  1. Prologue – a New Life
  2. Dura Praxis, Sed Praxis
  3. Of Training and Confrontation

Comic wise: (these are more sections than chapters, actually):

And finally, there’s a section where I store other types of comics and stuff others have done, like fanarts and such:

Ah, and in case you haven’t find out yet, I have a blog!

Now for a more technical side of life…

Everybody’s free to comment on the site! :D No restrictions an no signup required! You have no excuse not to leave me some feedback – I love feedback – but be quiet with the spam. I do not fancy spam.

Doce grabs its avatars from Gravatar, so if you happen to have an account there, you’ll have your icon here. If you don’t, you can always register there, it’s free and your icon will be available in a multitude of websites!

Last words:
In the meanwhile, if you still have questions, you can forward them to me here Questions’ Page (you don’t have to sign up on anything for this either!), or just pay a visit to these wonderful sites: